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General Features of FREEflow Scenery

*FREEflow Ultimate Florida Frequently Asked Questions (last updated 15MAY05)

*Q: What is the Freeflow Project?*
A: The default scenery provided by Microsoft did a less than adequate job of portraying the Sunshine State. A couple of years ago Joe Watson and Bob Brown improved the scenery with their landclass update. In spite of this the locations of everything were quite a bit off.

Scott Gridley and Bob Brown discussed the possibility of an "Ultimate Florida" after Scott discovered a way to update the basic parts of the scenery, the shorelines and water bodies, so that they were as accurate as the available government data could make them.

After some tests Scott and Bob decided it was indeed possible to dramatically improve the entire area covered in Joe Watson and Bob's landclass improvements. Joe agreed to participate and other team members were suggested and added.

The project philosophy was to provide a highly accurate base scenery for all of Florida in which the shorelines and water bodies would be exactly where they should be in terms of latitude and longitude. The goal was to provide a foundation for scenery developers to use for their addons.

The project grew as it progressed and Bob started drawing on his over three decades of Geographic Information System experience and Scott climbed that learning curve faster than anyone Bob has ever seen. The use of data from other government sources was then used for further enhancements to the new "Ultimate "Florida"

The beta team as a whole decided to take on the daunting task of reviewing all default scenery for compliance with this new accurate base. Every airport in the region was checked and either given the stamp of approval or modified for compliance. The eagle eyed beta team spotted many problems along the way and they were corrected to comply with the new base.

*Q: What area is covered?*
A: FREEflow Florida covers an area from just north east of New Orleans, LA due east to the Atlantic ocean, and south to cover the entire Florida peninsula including the keys and Dry Tortugas National Park.

*Q: Is it more accurate than the default scenery?*
A: All of our water scenery is placed using US Geological Survey 1:24,000 digital line graph data. The other components of the scenery have been placed using freely available GIS data from sources such as the State of Florida. All features are in their real-world locations. So yes, it is significantly more accurate than the default.

*Q: What is included in the scenery?*
A: This scenery replaces all of the major water features in the area covered. This includes oceans, bays, lakes, ponds, resevoirs, and rivers. All of the water is polygonal, not lines, thus small features such as streams have not been rendered. However, we have included Florida's extensive canal network, many marina's and other navigable waterways, and trails for airboats! The airboat trails and any rivers and streams are driveable by boats and landable by seaplanes.

*Q: Is that it?*
A: Why, thanks for asking! NO! That's not it. If you act now, for the same low price (free), you'll also get highly accurate land class scenery for the entire state which properly places populated areas, forested areas, and other features of the landscape. You also get highly accurate water class including muddy inland water and the vibrant tropical waters of the keys. You get accurately placed polygonal scenery of cultivated lands (golf courses and orange groves) - many of the golf courses were drawn in by hand from satellite imagery! You also get an optional set of bridges and roadways for the state of florida. If that wasn't enough, you'll also get several drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico which are fully functional for helicopter operations, user or AI! Speaking of AI - you also get many AI surface vessels including container ships, tankers, cruise ships, recreational craft, and airboats!

*Q: Is it compatible with my existing addons?*
A: Yes! We have found no conflicts with any popular addons for this region.

FREEflow New England Frequently Asked Questions (last updated 15MAY05)

*Q: What area is covered?*
A: FREEflow New England covers an area from just east of Philadelphia, PA due east to the Atlantic ocean and due north to the Canadian border. The north east corner is north east of Bangor (Mount Desert Isle is included in this scenery). This area includes eastern New York state, Vermont, New Hampshire, a large portion of south west Maine, Massachussets, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and most of New Jersey.

*Q: What is included in the scenery?*
A: This scenery replaces all of the major water feature in the area covered. This includes oceans, bays, lakes, ponds, resevoirs, and rivers. All of the water is polygonal, not lines, thus small features such as streams have not been rendered.

*Q: Is that it?*
A: Yes. That's it.

*Q: Is it compatible with my existing addons?*

A: Yes! With just one minor exception known (aerosoft's Manhattan has a flat area on the West bank of the Hudson River), we have found no conflicts with any commercial addons. In fact, this scenery compliments packages such as Megascenery and the new Rhode Island scenery extremely well.

Basic Troubleshooting
*Q: I've got shorelines running through the water, or duplicate shorlines and/or water features*
A: This is a symptom of the default scenery not being properly inactivated and can arise in several ways:
  • You used the installer, but installed to a directory outside of your main FS9 directory, and the files were not automatically backed up.
  • You installed manually but used the provided batch files to back up the default scenery and received errors.
  • You installed and backed up manually, but missed a file(s), moved the wrong file(s), or copied instead of moved the file(s).
  • You activated the default scenery layer in the library along with the new scenery.

To fix this, you must search your FS9 folders for instances of the default scenery still being present. There is a file list for each FREEflow scenery package in the "Default scenery for FREEflow" folder. Browse to the default location and verify they are absent. Last, use the explorer to search for each file to be sure they aren't located in an unexpected directory.

FREEflow New England specific:
*Q: I've installed the mod to make FFNE compatible with Grimshaw's KBOS, but now I have a huge square pond where South Boston used to be...
A: Download the updated patch from our downloads section. This will be fixed along with improvements to the Charles River in version 1.1.

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